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What is the real value of the influencer?

The concept of Favikon

In a sea of fake influencers, companies and agencies need to be able to find the perfect influencer for their marketing campaign quickly, easily and accurately. 5 million profiles have been integrated into the platform, and are updated in real time.

You can then get in touch directly with the chosen influencers on Favikon!

The benefits of Favikon

The tool is quite intuitive, it allows you to filter your search thanks to many key indicators such as the number of followers, the country, but also the keywords present in the posts or in the influencer's Instagram bio. Depending on your results, you can then refine your search and find the influencer of your dreams for your marketing campaign!

How does it work?


An audit is all the Instagram data accessible and collected by Favikon. If you click on a profile you will have access to its full audit!

The audit contains a lot of key information about the influencer's profile such as engagement rate, saturation rate, audience quality etc... but also the brands he has already collaborated with, his follower curve or his target according to the countries. Thanks to the Favikon Note, you will be able to detect the proportion of suspicious subscribers, avoid scams and fake influencers!


The List feature is very useful and will allow you to organize your searches. You can create as many lists as you want and then export all the contacts in CSV (which will really save you time when you go to approach them!)

About Favikon

Available languages

We've experienced firsthand how painful influencer marketing can be without the right tools. We want everyone to be able to work with influencers, which is why we built Favikon.Working with influencers in the past, we realized how complicated and non-transparent the process remained. We decided to make a change.

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