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Payment in installments. Simple. Guaranteed.

The concept of Alma

The buying path and experience of your customers is simple and particularly effective in maximizing your conversion rate.

With the integration in Wizishop, the solution is available in a few clicks on your website.

Your customers will be able to pay in several installments (2, 3 or 4 times), and for all baskets, from 50 € to 2 000 €.

And for you, merchants, you are paid the full amount of the order on D+7: there is no impact on your cash flow.

Payment is guaranteed by Alma: "we manage the risk of unpaid invoices (reminders, collection,...); you don't have to worry about anything!

The benefits of Alma

Alma offers you a single fee, namely a 3.8% commission on payments in 3 instalments (3.4% for payments in 2 instalments and 4.2% for payments in 4 instalments).

This commission can be adjusted upwards for "specific" activities, or downwards according to the volume of business. Alma will confirm your commission when you register.

Note that the Alma commission can be shared with your clients, which will allow you to reduce your merchant commission.

There are no additional fees (no application fees, setup fees or any other hidden fees).

How does it work?

So why not try it now?

With Alma's payment in installments, you benefit from a real marketing lever to boost your sales:

  • Guaranteed payment in several instalments: Alma offers you a solution with a guaranteed payment in several instalments
  • Increase in your turnover: 20% increase on average in your turnover
  • Unique shopping experience: Alma offers you a unique and fluid shopping experience for payment in installments.
  • Maximum conversion rate: Alma allows you to have a maximum conversion rate by offering a payment in several installments
  • No commitment: You have no commitment, no subscription and no set-up fees

About Alma

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Alma is a payment solution that will help you increase your sales (up to +20% of turnover). This lever is a key element to trigger the act of purchase (and win new customers) but also to build customer loyalty with a practical, flexible and trendy solution.

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