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ASD Group, your expert partner in tax, customs, labor and corporate strategy, assists you in the international development of your activities

The concept of ASD Group


Any company wishing to make intra-Community exchanges must be aware of the applicable rules in terms of VAT.

Indeed, an e-commerce company that makes intra-Community sales must respect the VAT thresholds defined by the European directive. Note that the threshold is between 35 000 euros and 100 000 euros, depending on the country. You can find the thresholds by country here. Note that the threshold corresponds to the amount of turnover of distance sales made over one year in the destination country.

For example, a company X based in France makes sales on its website to individuals in Belgium. The company realizes a turnover over the year that exceeds the authorized threshold of the country of destination of the goods. It is therefore obliged to identify itself for VAT purposes in the country, obtain a local VAT number and invoice the VAT of the country in question.

ASD acts as your fiscal representative or agent to register you for VAT in the country and obtain a VAT number. By entrusting your project to them, you can focus on your business strategy.

The benefits of ASD Group


With more than 150 employees and 30 agencies around the world, ASD Group is a single point of contact within the EU and internationally.

ASD Group has a multitude of strengths:

  • A multilingual team
  • A worldwide presence
  • A reactive and professional group
  • A customization of offers according to your needs

How does it work?


ASD Group will take care of all your VAT and DEB obligations for you.

First, we will determine the regime that applies to your sales in order to define the obligations that arise from it. If you are required to register for VAT in a member state of the European Union, ASD Group will take care of all the administrative formalities. And depending on the applicable regime, we will provide you with all the invoicing procedures. Finally, their teams declare and pay the VAT on your behalf in the Member State of taxation.

About ASD Group

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ASD Group is a French company, expert in intra-community VAT and tax representation, which facilitates the daily life of companies. Our activity is divided into three sectors: tax, social and customs" Europe opens its doors and ASD Group helps you to cross them "Their mission is to accompany you in the development of your business by offering you tools adapted to your needs.

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