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The leading dropshipping wholesaler in Europe draft

The concept of BigBuy

For customers who wish to synchronize BigBuy's catalog with their online store, the solution offers various options that allow for the integration of not only the catalog, but also inventory, orders, carriers and tracking.

The benefits of BigBuy

Why work with BigBuy?

- For their catalog: they stand out for their catalog of 400,000 references, among which you can find more than 6,000 brands. This catalog is multi-category and is translated into 24 languages.

- For their dropshipping service: this sales model allows you to sell without investing in a stock: you are in charge of generating the sales, and they are directly shipped to the final customer.

- For their logistic options: BigBuy offers shipping at very competitive prices, as well as the option of 24-hour delivery.

How does it work?

To synchronize your WiziShop with BigBuy, all you need to do is sign up for the Ecommerce Wholesaler Pack, which gives you access to their API, and start taking advantage of all the services offered by BigBuy.

And, as a WiziShop customer, you get a 20% discount on the purchase of your Wholesale Pack! With the code BIGBUY20.

By subscribing to the Ecommerce wholesaler pack, you will be able to automatically synchronize your store with BigBuy's catalog, orders, carriers and tracking, and start selling easily.

WiziShop Customer Special Offer

20% off your first pack with the code BIGBUY20

About BigBuy

Available languages

BigBuy is a leading dropshipping wholesaler in Europe, specialized in providing its customers with everything they need to sell online. If you already have a Wizishop store and you are looking for a wholesaler, BigBuy is your trusted supplier.

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