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Photo Studio

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For the past 15 years, PackshotCreator has been helping e-merchants showcase their products for an unmatched ROI and productivity.

The concept of Photo Studio

PackshotCreator offers 29 solutions divided into 3 ranges and adapted to the needs of each client, according to their products and projects:

  • The Pro line is designed to facilitate the shooting of your products on a white background
  • The Studio range meets the most demanding needs (2D and 3D shooting with automatic clipping, macro photography, solid shot...): it is the best option for products that are usually complex to photograph such as transparent, white or reflective objects.
  • The MaestroBot range is the latest innovation of the brand and is entirely dedicated to the 3D modeling of products
The benefits of Photo Studio

Become the photographer of your products: a simple click to photograph your product and integrate it into your e-commerce site, without any specific knowledge required in photography or computing.

How does it work?

Boost your visitors' shopping experience with seamless HD visuals, let your customers manipulate your products in 3D at their leisure.

Offer more information on your objects (complete 360° views, photos with realistic color rendering, text annotations, ...) and minimize the risks of product returns.

About PackShot Creator

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As early as 2003, Sysnext companies foresaw that product photography would be a decisive step in the booming world of e-commerce.

Together, they anticipated the needs of the future and designed the first software-driven product photo studio: the PackshotCreator.

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