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The concept of Shopping Feed

Shopping Feed broadcasts your products, synchronizes your stocks and imports your orders from more than 1000 marketplaces, comparisons and other distribution channels in France and abroad. Build your listings, synchronize your inventory and import your orders directly into your Ecommerce CMS. With Fluid Feed technology, not only will you connect your platforms the same day, but you will also gain visibility.

Thanks to Shopping Feed and its Fluid Feed technology, you will dominate your competitors on all these channels.

The benefits of Shopping Feed


The Shopping Feed technology is renowned for its reliability, its innovations and its adaptability to all types of catalogs. You will save time and productivity thanks to all the functionalities designed for the e-merchant.


You don't have to manage several tools, all the operations are done in your WiziShop administration space: selection of comparators and marketplaces, configuration and optimizations, feedback of orders made from marketplaces...

To integrate Shopping Feed to your WiziShop back-office, and take advantage of a free month of testing, simply contact your Business Coach!

How does it work?

Centralize, simplify and automate the management of your marketing strategy with Shopping Feed software. We at Shopping Feed believe that listing your products on Marketplaces is just the beginning. It's just as important to optimize your visibility on these channels to maximize your sales. This is what we call MarketPlace Reach. Our Fluid Feed technology with its 8 million attributes is the solution to outperform your competitors.

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Simplify e-commerce with a product flow management solution that combines state-of-the-art technology and human support. 

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