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Web Alliance : SEA Agency

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Expert agency in paid referencing, certified Google Partners, with a dedicated project manager per client, to manage your Ads campaigns.

The concept of Web Alliance : SEA Agency


Paid search is a marketing solution that guarantees you to position your site on the first page of Google in just a few days. Thanks to sponsored links campaigns on the Google Ads platform, the largest advertising network in the world, you reach your target at the best time.

Web Alliance's SEA team and your dedicated project manager will define with you a list of keywords relevant to your business, then take care of the creation and follow-up of the entire advertising campaign. We also do a regular follow-up with a detailed report with our customers in order to readjust and optimize the costs to have an optimal profitability for your e-commerce site.

The Web Alliance agency is certified Google Ads and Google Partners, which guarantees you a seriousness and an expertise for your SEA campaigns.

The benefits of Web Alliance : SEA Agency

We are transparent about our rates and we meet clear specifications established upstream with your project manager in order to best manage your Google Ads campaigns.

+ We offer a 75€ discount coupon for any launch of SEA services for WiziShop websites!

Web Alliance also provides you with personalized services in natural referencing (SEO) so that your visibility on the Internet is complete in the short, medium and long term.

How does it work?


Web Alliance is a human-sized agency with a team of passionate people close to its customers and which benefits from a real know-how with more than 500 satisfied customer references over more than 15 years of experience (2005) in paid referencing

WiziShop Customer Special Offer

Web Alliance offers a FREE SEA AUDIT, by phone, for WiziShop e-commerce solution customers.

About Web Alliance

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Web Alliance is an agency composed of web enthusiasts experts in natural search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search engine optimization (SEA). Our human-sized agency develops the visibility of our customers on search engines to enable them to increase their sales. Accompanied by a project manager dedicated to your e-commerce site, we customize our offers to meet the challenges of your business.

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