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Looking to create graphic elements for your brand?

The concept of Weenoow : Custom development & Design

Weenoow can modify the structure and graphic appearance of your Wizishop/Dropizi e-commerce site in order to adapt your content to the expectations of your clientele but also to match the latest graphic trends. This service allows you to bring aesthetics to functionality but also to present your information in a way that will lead to the conversion of your visitor.

The benefits of Weenoow : Custom development & Design

With a well-defined visual identity, you will stand out from the competition and you will be able to use your image on all your communication supports with consistency. This is all the more important for your customers who will be able to better identify with your brand thanks to the created graphic universe.

In the same way, an e-commerce site structured according to the expectations of your customers allows you to better satisfy their experience and thus increase conversion. It is quite simply loyalty building.

How does it work?

The first offer concerns research on your brand's visual identity with several avenues of exploration, which is to be created or updated, and starts at 220€ HT. You will then be able to use it and diffuse it on all your communication supports. We send you the source files of the logo with the exports and the declinations in color(s).

A second offer concerns the structural and graphic modification of your Wizishop/Dropizi e-commerce site and starts at 440€ HT. Starting from the basic theme, we take back the elements of your visual identity with the creation of graphic elements and we are interested in the CSS styles (visual layout in the form of code) and the HTML structure of your online store. This allows you to have a site that reflects your business and make your online store more attractive. This service includes the setting on line of your store with 5 product sheets (to be provided) that we integrate.

About Weenoow

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Independent studio specialized in digital creation, Weenoow accompanies you in your brand image evolution process. The studio creates visual identities, websites, online stores and mobile applications.

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