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The concept of Affilae

Just as a business needs salespeople, you need online ambassadors to promote your products. An affiliate program will allow you to build long term relationships with affiliates in your industry, which are therefore growth drivers for you. It is an easy and economical way to reach your target. Your network will bring you notoriety, SEO and sales.

The benefits of Affilae

Affilae's affiliate links contribute to the improvement of your natural referencing. We track your conversion tunnels, so you can analyze the relevance of your affiliates and share the commission between them. You have the Affilae affiliate network (Marketplace) at your disposal to make it easier for you to recruit affiliates.

How does it work?

An affiliate program allows you to promote your store on a network of partner sites (affiliates), which you pay proportionally to the sales (percentage on the basket) that they bring you. You create your own network of online business contributors.

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About Affilae

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Affilae is the software that will allow you to create your own affiliate program and manage your affiliates directly without going through a platform.

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