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The concept of Kwanko

Founded in 2003 and present in 7 countries around the world, including Portugal, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil, Kwanko is a major player in digital performance advertising. On the one hand, Kwanko helps advertisers generate more sales, qualified contacts and traffic on their sites and applications. On the other hand, Kwanko helps publishers maximize their advertising revenues. With a global network of over 150,000 publishers, the largest email network with 500 million deduplicated and opt-in addresses, and a mobile DSP connected to all SSPs in the market, Kwanko is able to connect brands to their audience, worldwide.

The benefits of Kwanko

Kwanko relies on its teams of account managers who are experts in performance-based program management. They accompany customers to optimize their performance while ensuring a perfect control of their ROI. You can also count on a team dedicated to the management of Publishers and another technical team, to accompany you on the implementation of tracking. Kwanko also relies on its proprietary technologies, available on the Kwanko web & mobile platform.

How does it work?

A platform that allows you to manage your advertising campaigns and consult your results. To generate more revenue and boost your sales, contact us!

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Performance-based service that aims to increase awareness, visibility and sales of your online store

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