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Fliz - 1-click video creation

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Automatically create videos for your e-commerce with AI!

The concept of Fliz - 1-click video creation

Fliz is a unique Artificial Intelligence. From the URL of your product sheet, Fliz creates an engaging and unique 30-second video that you can share on your social networks or add to your product sheet.

The benefits of Fliz - 1-click video creation

Creating a video has never been easier. In a matter of seconds, Fliz uses AI to write a captivating script, generate a voice-over, select music and create a unique video. You save time, you save money, and most importantly, you convert more thanks to the power of video!

How does it work?

Register for free on Fliz. Thanks to the partnership between WiziShop and Fliz, you get 10 free credits to create your first videos and test the service. Enter your product URL, choose the format (square or 9:16) and let Fliz's Artificial Intelligence do the rest.

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About Fliz

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Fliz is an artificial intelligence product video creation service. You simply enter the URL of your product and Fliz creates a professional video from your images, complete with animation, voice-over, music and captions. These videos are available in a variety of formats, so you can enrich your product sheet or promote your best sellers on social networks.

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