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The concept of MyPoseo

The MyPoseo tool allows you to know the positioning of your site on a search engine on selected keywords.

Example: position of the site "www.zalando.fr" on the keyword "shoes": 1st in SEA and 5th in SEO".

In this way, it is possible to analyze the progress of the performances of its store and the impact of this evolution on the visits or the sales resulting from the lever of the natural referencing within the dashboard of the tool.

The daily analysis of the position also allows you to measure the impact of changes and optimizations made on your website over time. Thus, by following the best practices for the optimization of your SEO, you will know if users manage to find your site on the keywords you are working on.

The benefits of MyPoseo

MyPoseo allows you to compare the positioning of your site according to the available terminals (position of a keyword on computer VS position of a keyword on mobile). You can also compare the data of the tracked keywords according to the location (city or country).

The Positioning Alerts feature available in myposeo allows you to be informed, on a daily basis, of important movements of the keywords you are analyzing. You can thus act when a drop occurs or be happy about an important progression synonymous with potential visits.

How does it work?

The links that point to your site (backlinks) allow you to improve your positioning in search engines. Myposeo is a partner of the Majestic SEO tool and allows you to get weekly indicators about netlinking such as the number of domains offering links to your site and the total number of known links.

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About MyPoseo

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myposeo.com is a tool for analyzing, auditing and monitoring the natural and paid referencing of your site in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baïdu). It allows you to obtain a complementary analysis to tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools or Majestic SEO.

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