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Accept credit cards in 1 click and increase your sales!

The concept of Payplug

PayPlug is the French omnichannel payment solution: collect your credit card payments wherever your customers are: on your WiziShop store, in your store, from your exchanges by e-mail, SMS, Messenger or WhatsApp.

The benefits of Payplug

The support of PayPlug, a real plus for your growth

The PayPlug support team is based in France, in Paris.

It has accompanied more than 15 000 merchants in their development and relies on a deep knowledge of the French market, of the available tools and of the current challenges of the merchants.

Flexible pricing

Our offers are without commitment. Change at any time to always benefit from the best rate for your business.

The different pricing proposals :

  • Starter: 10€ / month and 1.6% + 0.25 € per transaction
  • Pro : 30€ / month and 0.8% + 0.15 € per transaction
  • Premium : 80€ / month and 0.5% + 0.15 € per transaction

Note that PayPlug is reserved for professionals (companies, auto-entrepreneurs, craftsmen, associations or individuals with a commercial activity).

What your customers will like:

  • A quality user experience: a payment page that uses your brand's graphic charter, clearly visible reassurance icons, readability of all information displayed.
  • Our responsive payment pages that display perfectly on all media (mobiles, tablets, computers).
  • The automatic keyboard triggering when entering their bank details on mobile.
  • Automatic recognition of the type of card: Visa, Mastercard, CB.
  • The ability to pay for their purchases directly from a conversation with you via SMS, email, WhatsApp or Messenger by simply clicking on a link that redirects them to a secure payment page.

New: PayPlug for in-store commerce

A single payment terminal for all sales situations:

  • Three possible configurations: Ethernet, Wifi and 3G SIM.
  • Your payments are synchronized in real time in the PayPlug portal: say goodbye to remote collection and storage of paper receipts!
  • Collection of CB, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay payments, including contactless.

A simple, no obligation offer:

  • 100% online registration;
  • Receipt of the terminal in 3 working days;
  • Possibility to change offer at any time.

How does it work?

The PayPlug promise: simplify payment for all merchants

  • Install and configure your credit card payment module for WiziShop yourself. No technical skills are required.
  • Make your refunds directly from your WiziShop back office.
  • Generate payment links from your PayPlug portal, insert them in your exchanges and propose to your customers to pay their order without even going through your store.
  • Order your payment terminal from your PayPlug portal and find your in-store transactions in one place.

The PayPlug portal, a control tool at your fingertips

  • Enjoy a complete view of your payments;
  • Discover the reasons of failure of your payments;
  • Make your accounting exports effortless.

About PayPlug

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The simplest French solution on the market to collect your online payments in complete security. No VAD contract, no installation fees, no commitment.

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