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The concept of SEO.fr

Our concept: Accompany our customers in a sustainable partnership approach.

With the help of a dedicated consultant and project manager, we optimize the referencing of e-commerce sites based on the 3 pillars of SEO: content, links and technique.

Each customer is thus considered in all its originality with a unique strategy, dedicated interlocutors and a particular care brought to its project.

The benefits of SEO.fr

As a reminder, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to all the processes used to achieve the positioning of the pages of a website in the first results of search engines such as Google, which concerns 91% of the requests made in France (source pg1.fr; 2017). If a certain amount of mystery surrounds the algorithms that determine the

If a certain amount of mystery surrounds the algorithms that determine the referencing of sites, many techniques are known to all and are communicated by the search engines themselves.

Choosing SEO.fr, WiziShop's expert partner, is the assurance of being taken care of by recognized professionals in the field of SEO: the satisfaction of our customers and our certifications are our most beautiful medals.

How does it work?

Google, ranks the sites in its index thanks to a complex algorithm that evolves and is refined every day. While there are now more than 250 criteria, referencing an e-commerce site has never required as much expertise as today.

SEO.fr has evolved at the pace of technical and technological innovations to master all the levers of SEO, but also a range of services consistent with the digital ecosystem. Google Ads campaigns, Social Media Optimization, or data analysis.

In order to provide you with a customized quote with a unique strategy, it is necessary that we discuss your expectations and the means of communication to be implemented.

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Pioneer in the field of SEO, the SEO.fr agency is a family business that works since 1998 in the optimization of the online visibility of websites.

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