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The concept of SeoLyzer

Seolyzer, a Wizishop partner, offers you an advanced and efficient tool to secure and improve your SEO. Its use requires a minimum of knowledge in SEO.

The benefits of SeoLyzer

Seolyzer is affordable regarding its prices. Indeed, the all-inclusive tool allows you to highlight the SEO compatibility of your site and secure it from 39 € HT/month

From the small business to the large account, Seolyzer has a rate adapted to the volume of your site. Their rates are public and transparent.

It's no secret: SEO generates traffic, and therefore sales and revenue: "As SEOs, we have seen that too many SEO mistakes, which sometimes seem trivial, lead to the de-indexation of a site on Google, and the loss of the associated revenue.

Monitoring your site's SEO elements with a tool like Seolyzer is a must: how much would losing SEO traffic cost you?

How does it work?

SEO is a source of traffic that requires full compatibility of a site with Google's expectations.

Seolyzer checks the compatibility of your site with its crawler. Whether from an editorial or technical point of view, the determining elements for SEO are extracted and presented in a simple way in graphics to help you answer relevant questions:

Do I have any pages in error?

Are all titles and descriptions correct? Are they not duplicated?

Do I have slow pages?

Does the number of pages on my site correspond to my catalog / offer?

Which product categories represent the most pages?

Monitoring allows you to be notified by email as soon as a highly sensitive element is modified or deleted.

In the same way, Seolyzer offers you to monitor the behavior of the Google robots that crawl your site, in real time, in order to optimize your "crawl budget"! Make sure that the vision that Google has of your site is the one you expect as an e-merchant: does it focus on the pages that generate your sales? Get additional acquisition and sales levers from them.

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