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The concept of Onepilot

With the help of proprietary technology, Onepilot's local support agents become Support Heroes: with access to all the necessary information at the click of a button, they can focus on personalizing responses and completing even the most complex processes.

Onepilot offers e-retailers dedicated support through the construction and continuous improvement of your Knowledge Base, the sharing of industry best practices, while ensuring the management of teams that will know your company, your branding, your products, and your customers by heart.

The benefits of Onepilot

Onepilot offers e-retailers a flexible and tailor-made solution: only pay for the tickets you want to delegate. You only pay for the tickets that you want to delegate. You can benefit from a support on the slots of your choice, the tickets of your choice and the channels of your choice.

Concretely, you need help on Sunday evenings from 7pm to 1am to moderate comments on your social networks? We're there. You want to deal with activity peaks? We support you 24 hours a day, on all your channels, and all your processes.

How does it work?

Onepilot allows e-retailers to focus on the essentials, and delegate day-to-day ticket management to local hero support. The result: e-retailers who use Onepilot increase their satisfaction, NPS scores, conversions and retention by providing their customers with responsive, quality and personalized responses.

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The 1stᵉʳ month of Onepilot subscription offered!

About Onepilot

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Onepilot reinvents outsourced customer service to make it simple and flexible. To meet the requirements of e-retailers, Onepilot has designed a custom solution that integrates seamlessly with all your tools, channels, processes, and tone of voice, with no integration, no commitment, and no minimum volume.

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