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The leading solution in France to collect, manage, analyze and publish your customer reviews

The concept of Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews is a trusted third party specialized in the collection, moderation and publication of post-purchase customer reviews. The solution allows you to collect "brand reviews" where your customers evaluate their online experience; "product reviews" so that your customers can share their use and impressions, as well as "store reviews" where they judge the service and welcome of a physical store. Since 2012, they have been providing more than 4,500 customers with an innovative and scalable solution that adapts to their needs regardless of their sector and their issues.

The benefits of Verified Reviews

In 2016, Verified Reviews added a Q&A module and NPS surveys to better support you in all your marketing strategies.

How does it work?


Customer reviews are an essential and innovative tool. With more than 85% of Internet users consulting them before making an online purchase, reviews are now part of consumer habits. From the Internet user's point of view, they provide essential information on the reliability of stores, but also on products to better guide them in their selection. More confident and sure of their product choices, consumers have a better online experience and are less hesitant to validate their shopping cart. In addition to the well-being of consumers, customer reviews have several other benefits for the merchant:

* Optimization of visibility in SEO and SEA

The content generated by the reviews will improve your natural referencing. Thanks to our partnerships with Google, Yahoo and Bing, you will also get stars in your paid campaigns that can improve your CTR by 17%.

* Increase your conversion rate: up to 20%.

As we said, by giving confidence to Internet users on the reliability of the site and by providing qualitative information on products, you can reassure the consumer on his choices and allow him to validate his cart more serenely.

* Social networks and Google my Business

Thanks to our Facebook and Twitter applications, you can encourage your best customers to share their good reviews on your social networks. Same thing for Google my Business where your verified reviews can be published. You can thus benefit from a better brand image on all your communication spaces.

* Improved customer relations

Offering a space to your customers means being interested in them, even when the experience, and therefore the opinion, is negative. Not only will your customers share their ideas on how to improve, but you will be immediately alerted if someone was not satisfied. Instead of losing them forever, or even having them cry out their disappointment on forums beyond your reach, you can respond quickly and try to smooth things over. 90% of unhappy customers come back when their problem has been resolved! Moreover, your exchanges will be made public which will show everyone your qualities in after-sales service.

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